To celebrate the launch of Nike x Ambush we were challenged to design three spaces for three separate events in different locations over three days.

We designed a system for a transforming structure that could be installed, broken down, and reassembled to shift from showroom to dinner to club.

As we changed locations the structure transformed from a temporary showroom at Nike’s HQ, to a 40-seater dinner table at Voo Store, and finally a club installation at Trauma Bar and Kino.

Inspired by the Nike x Ambush Air Force Adjust and infused with industrial rave and y2k aesthetics, we designed a temporary showroom with scaffolding furniture, purple inflatables, and neon perspex.

For the second act, a private dinner club at Voo Store, we designed an ambitious 40-seater pink scaffolding dinner table

For the final act, a club night at Trauma Bar and Kino, we transformed our scaffolding dinner tables from the night before into a club installation.