Scaffold Stage

Temporarily transforming a former fruit storage warehouse in Dublin’s industrial inner city into an ephemeral club for just 12 hours. 

This project was a collaboration between Irish artists, architects, and designers coming together to create an ephemeral space to challenge traditional notions of architecture and nightlife in Ireland.

The space was transformed with a scaffolding structure for just a night, encouraging visitors to connect to the here and now and embrace the beauty of fleeting nightlife.

A wraparound scaffolding “stairs” created a club of various levels and platforms that serve as both stage and dance floors.

Guests could climb up and down the levels, exploring the space and discovering new vantage points from which to view the performances, dancefloor and the rest of the installation.

Bambi (live)



DJ Flex Handsome 

E The Artist* 





Roo Honeychild

Tadhg K (live)