For each edition of Temporary Pleasure, we run a workshop inviting participants to design and build a new club space together.

Participants are selected via an Open Call to imagine and build a new shared club. Through collaborative club research, lectures, presentations, and site research, the group begins sketching out prototypes and discussing the meaning of clubs and finally designs their dream club.

Over a two-day construction workshop, we build our dream club. An intense 48-hour burst, working together to realise the fantasy we have designed as a group.

At the end of the workshop, the resulting space is brought to life with installations, DJ sets, and performances. A cathartic moment dancing in the space we’ve designed and built together, with all that sweat and love transfering to the party.

Then it's all over and we take it all down, leaving the space in the past as a collective memory.

"This workshop was an exceptionally rewarding experience. I found the wide variety of perspectives, backgrounds and interests of the participants in the workshop not only personally enriching but also extremely timely in imagining new experiences for nightlife. This workshop attested to the potential that can be achieved through collective dialogue and mutual co-operation and I really value the special time I had during that week in Barcelona.”

Jack Scollard, workshop participant